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draft a long memo assessing the terrorist threat in the country of Afghanistan with a focus on al-qaeda core and making recommendations for how this threat should be addressed.
In your memo, you will have sections addressing the following questions:
1. What terrorist groups or activities are active in your country or region?
What are these groups’ motivations and goals? Please explain their ideology and how you would categorize them (i.e., religious, state-sponsored, right or left-wing, etc.).
How do conditions in your area (such as poverty, ethnic or political tension, poor governance) feed the terrorist threat?
What terrorist attacks have they conducted and what types of targets do they prefer (i.e., government buildings, religious or ethnic minorities, public venues such as theaters or restaurants, etc.)?
Are the groups’ activities focused within a single country or region or do you see them as a global threat?
2. Explain how you would target the terrorist threat in your country or regions.
Would you use existing intelligence, police, and/or military institutions or design a new counterterrorism agency? If so, what powers and mission would you give your new agency?
What type of intelligence collection do you need to conduct your counterterrorist mission?
How would you handle captured terrorists? What about non-violent supporters?
Would you design any projects to prevent radicalization? If so, please describe these programs.
Explain how your counterterrorism plan protects civil liberties and the rights of the rest of your country/region’s population.

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