Week 5: Leading Innovation in Nursing

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Week 5: Leading Innovation in Nursing
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Propose a future development that affects value-based healthcare and address the following.
• What would you create, and why? What problem does this innovation solve?
• How does this innovation impact value-based healthcare?
• How will it enhance your leadership capacity?
• As a leader, explain one barrier you may have in implementing the innovation and how you could use the 5-Stage Innovation-Decision Process to overcome that barrier.
Launch Post Week 5, Discussion: Leading Innovation in Nursing
Hello Class, you may begin posting in this discussion for credit on Sunday, May 31, 2021.
Welcome to our Week 5 Discussion!
We encourage you to read the question carefully to answer all aspects presented. Our interactive discussion addresses the following course outcomes:
• CO2. Investigate the role of advanced nursing practice in innovation and transformation to
propose solutions impacting healthcare systems. (PO 6)
• CO4. Assimilate attributes for intra-/inter-professional collaboration across healthcare
settings (PO 8)
• CO5. Formulate selected strategies for leadership and influence across healthcare
systems. (PO 8)

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