Understanding of What Social change is


By now you should have a good understanding of what social change is and, moIsre importantly, you should have been able to explain it to someone else. Doing so is part of your assignment!
Your instructions are:

During the first three weeks of the block you are to interview the oldest person you know. This person can be anyone you know or the oldest living family member you know. Many students enjoy interviewing family, others prefer interviewing older people from their work environments, etc.

You are to ask them about the changes they have seen in their lifetime. To do that you need to (1) to explain to them what social change is and (2) to record five changes they like and five changes they dislike. To explain what social change is, you have to understand what it is.

Make sure you do by reviewing the resources provided below.
Make comments on what you have learned from your interviewee regarding material and nonmaterial/ideational aspects of their lives.

Discuss these changes with him or her: Why are they important? What were their causes? How have they affected the person you are talking to, even if they are not aware of it?
Your paper is to be in APA format and be at least four pages in length; that’s four pages of text, plus a cover page; an abstract and reference page are not required. In the introduction, you should include statements telling the reader what you are doing and what your paper is about.

In addition, I expect you to introduce the person (who are they), why you chose them, and how you interviewed them, and where (in person or over the phone).
The body of your paper should include a narrative that can be in the first or third person or descriptive (“he said”, “she said”) or summary or description of what was said by the interviewee and the questions you asked.

What must be included are the answers to the questions above! In your conclusion give me your thoughts about what they said and what you learned. To repeat one part of the above, make sure you include comments and thoughts on the type (materialistic or ideational) of changes they experienced.

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