This critical response provides your reaction to a text, supporting your views w

This critical response provides your reaction to a text, supporting your views with evidence from within the text, your own reasoning and experiences, and another source.
Instructor-provided article which you will use for the critical response
Additional source located by you in a library database or the Internet
Your additional source must be approved by your instructor
To complete this project, you should complete/submit the following:
Read and annotate the instructor-provided article
Review principles of information literacy and APA formatting
Locate a second source in a library database or the Internet with instructor approval
Complete the prewriting as required by instructor:____________________________
Submit the final Critical Response Essay in APA format
Multi-paragraph essay
APA format, including font, spacing, margins, title page, headers, embedded citations, and references page
825-1,375 words (must meet minimum word count, exclusive of title and references pages)
Text evidence should be paraphrased. Direct quotes should be used appropriately. All information from a text must be properly documented in APA format.
Point of View
1st and 3rd person points of view as appropriate
2nd person point of view is NOT appropriate for this assignment
Begin by identifying the text (author, title, date, and source) and the overall point of the text. Provide a BRIEF summary of the key supporting points of the article. Provide your overall thesis for your response. Support your thesis with information from the text, your own reasoning and experiences, and the additional source you located. Conclude the Critical Response by re-emphasizing your overall reaction to the text and providing closure. You should address the following questions in your Critical Response:
What is the text’s purpose (e.g. persuade, entertain, inform)?
Who is the intended audience?
What is the text’s main idea?
What are the key supporting points in the text?
Do you agree or disagree with the author? Why or why not?
What information from the text either supports your view or can be challenged?
How do your life and experiences agree with or differ from the concepts in the text?
What is the impact of the author’s worldviews, biases, and assumptions on the text?
How do your personal worldviews, biases, and assumptions impact your reaction to the text?
Your Critical Response should include the following sections:
Introduction: Identify the text (author, title, date, source) and the overall thesis/main idea. Explain the author’s purpose and audience and, if appropriate here, author’s worldview. BRIEFLY summarize the key points in the article and end with your overall response/thesis
Body: Provide body paragraphs that clearly explain the points/content with which you agree or disagree. Provide specific references to the text and your own ideas, reasoning, and experiences. In addition, use your additional source to support your response.
Conclusion: Conclude the essay by restating your overall response and providing a sense of closure. No new information should be included in the conclusion.
The website I chose to use for supporting details is this :
I will use “How To Use Positive Energy To Succeed” How to Use Positive Energy to Succeed | to support the facts on how important being positive with everything you do will help you succeed. This could mean in a current situation, in a life dilemma, or even just for your future.

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