The task is 90 minutes long + 5 mins upload time (10:45-12:20 JPN 19 July) japan

The task is 90 minutes long + 5 mins upload time (10:45-12:20 JPN 19 July) japan time
· The task will appear at 10;45 on 19 July and will disappear at 12;20
· Upload your answers in a single word / open office/pdf file
· This is an open book test but your answers will be checked for plagiarism so DON’T COPY THINGS OFF THE INTERNET
· Any trace of plagiarism or academic dishonesty will result in you failing the exam and hence class
· Choose Two questions and write an essay-style answer to them. Suggested time usage:
o 40 mins – answer 1 (several hundred words)
o 40 mins – answer 2 (several hundred words)
o 10 mins – check and upload
· The questions will ask you to describe the general ideas/themes of one thinker/ideology we have looked at or general evolution of ideas across the eras examined
please write 400 more words for each task
· DO write in paragraphs
· DO write in a standard essay structure (introduction, body, conclusion)
· DO mention the work of others – i.e. theorists/historians / policymakers – to support your argument
· DO NOT include references/citations
· DO write the question number AND /OR the question at the start of each of your answers.
· Study three of the topics we have covered in detail or two and the evolution of a concept/theme across the class
· Don’t just regurgitate the lecture
· Answer the questions!

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