The Gay Bar Documentary




The Gay Bar Documentary


This assignment is a variation of a Question-Comment-Connect post. 

Part 1: Question:

Pose one or more questions prompted by the readings which engage you as a writer, but for which you may not have a ready answer. These should be questions that you would like to discuss more together  in class, including questions about how we might interpret/analyze particular ideas in the readings, how we might apply the readings to particular academic/non-academic contexts, how we might situate or contextualize the readings, or how others might personally respond to/understand the ideas in the readings.

Tip: These should not be comprehension questions, but should be questions that we might choose to discuss in class on Tuesday. You might want to use Part 2 to venture an answer to your question, or you could write Part 2 first, then use Part 1 to consider where the conversation might go next. 


For each text, comment on the ways that the text builds on, challenges, or enriches your understanding of place and space and/or the city. Make connections to ideas we’ve been discussing in the class and make connections between texts. Use specific examples from the three texts assigned today to show that you read (or watched) and that you are engaging with the text and thinking through the ideas in the text.

Do not merely summarize each text. Your comment should show what you are thinking about. What are you thinking about now that you’ve read these texts–that you weren’t thinking about before you read these texts? You may reference other discussions we’ve had to make connections and build on previous conversations. Your main goal here is to show you read and show the ideas that are “clicking” for you, personally–especially as those ideas relate to space, place, identity, and the city.  

This section should be at least 400 words and show thorough engagement with the texts. Use specific details. 

Part 3: Connect:

Draw specific connections to something beyond the readings for today, including particular academic/non-academic experiences, texts, and contexts. You might make connections to another part of your life/experience in or out of the university, a connection to another part of our class, a connection to another class you are taking or have taken, a connection to an issue in the media, etc.

This should be at least 100 words long. 

The connection should be meaningful and thoughtful.