The External Assessment Process


Q1: How does the external audit affect other components of the strategic-management process?
Q2: Use a series of two-dimensional (two-variable) graphs to illustrate the historical relationship among the following variables: value of the dollar, oil prices, and interest rates. Give one implication of each graph for strategic planning
Q3: Opportunities and threats usually result from an interaction among key environmental trends rather than from a single external event or factor
Lesson topic: the internal assessment process
Q1: Do you agree or disagree with the RBV theorists that internal resources are more important for a firm than external factors in achieving and sustaining competitive advantage? Explain your and their position.
Q2: Culture affects all the functions of the business. Discuss
Q3: Do you think cultural products affect strategy formulation, implementation, or evaluation the most? Why?
Important note:
For each question answers it’s very important to explain, justify, describe and give examples.

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