Supply Chain Management

UniversityBreda University of Applied Sciences(BOAS) Netherlands
SubjectSupply Chain Management


individual assignment: about an existing company The individual assignment about an existing company consists out of different parts. The requirements of each are introduced in this document.

  • Part A: Introduction
  • Part B: Current Operations & Supply Chain configuration
  • Part C: Main current OPS & SCM challenges & potential enablers
  • Part D: Defined policies and personal opinion about those
  • The grading criteria for the assignment are the following:
  • Part B of the assignment: DD1 Knowledge & understanding. Demonstration of knowledge of theory, concepts, and frameworks from the course and ability to describe and explain those.
  • DD2 Application. Description of the current situation. Demonstration of correct application of theory, concepts, and frameworks from the course. Choice of relevant concepts and frameworks and inclusion of meaningful inputs.
    Part C of the assignment
  • Part C of the assignment  DD5 Self-direction. Thorough identification and analysis of challenges and potential enablers, supported by the use of additional relevant and recent academic and professional literature.
  • Part D of the assignment: DD3 Judgment. Own critical opinion about current company policies and approaches. Clearly formulated additional recommendations in the light of the identified challenges and potential enablers. Convincing argumentation.


  • DD4 Communication. Writing free of spelling errors expresses a single voice, is evaluative, interpretive, and clear. APA formatting is used, citations are present and correctly formatted. Indications about the specific grading rubric per DD can be found in the course manual.

Written assignment (individual, about an existing company)

The written assignment is an individual exercise in which students are asked to analyze an existing company in terms of products, markets/segments/industry, current Operations & Supply Chain, and future Operations & Supply Chain in relation to relevant current trends.

You are expected the utilize the lessons, concepts, and frameworks learned in the course. Note that not every technique fits everysituation⸻so you should carefully consider that what you are applying is appropriate. Please note: each step below should be read carefully and followed precisely. When you write your paper, please organize it based on these steps for ease of reading and grading. You will see a notion at the end of each step indicating the amount of text to be dedicated to it.

Content, structure, length, and layout Write a paper about the Operations & Supply Chain of an existing organization, within the wider strategic context of the company.

The company of choice can be related to physical goods and/or services and you are free to choose the company that you want to analyze. It is even better if it is a company that you work for, have worked for or would like to work for. This will ensure that the assignment will be more useful to your professional life… not just in school. In the case of choosing a large global company, you are suggested to concentrate on one organizational unit or on one product/service only.

How wide? Although you are free to define the exact scope yourself, the suggestion is to take a company/BU-wide perspective, or even focus on one organizational unit and not too many stages upstream and downstream in the chain. Only looking at direct suppliers upstream and direct customers downstream could be enough, unless you feel that an extension of scope is of utmost relevance for your specific case.

The chosen scope should become clear from the paper’s introduction. How deep? Since explaining yourself clearly is an important management skill, in this case, applied to the topic of OPS & SCM, the level of depth of your analysis is mainly defined by the criterion of “deep enough to make and support your point”, Please note: although not prohibited, you are NOT expected to collect data from primary sources of a company, secondary data is perfectly fine.

Having said that, if you have the possibility and you feel that it will enrich your work, you are obviously free to include data from primary sources. in the paper, you are expected to take a critical “consultant’s point of view” in describing the company’sOperations & Supply Chain and the policies applied for the organization or company of study. It is highly valued to use multiple sources. Make sure to use correct referencing for any external sources

Topics to be covered

Address the following topics in your paper:

A. Introduction
In general, terms, describe the company’s background, its products, markets/segments, geographies, etc. This should NOT be a long history of the company, just enough information to understand what the firm does, where they do it, and what they see as their value propositions and competitive advantages and also, very important, which scope of the activities you have chosen for your paper.
B. Current OPS & SC configuration
Use the concepts and frameworks as discussed in class. Describe the company’s current Operations& Supply Chain configuration in relation to markets/ segments as well as the dynamics of the industry in which the company operates. Include a mapping of the flows.Discuss the logic behind the current configuration, why do you think it would be organized in the way it is? Make sure that your description is self-explanatory.Include an assessment of how well the “what?” is supported by the “how?”, which specific links exist between the two sides, how are elements from the what? connected to elements of how? From your description, the reader should have a clear ‘characterization’ of the business and the operation in terms of demand and supply dynamics and complexity.
C. Main current and future OPS & SCM challenges & potential enablers,
Which major trends and challenges on the one hand and potential enablers for solutions on the other hand, for example as discussed in class, do you consider the main important ones for the chosen company for the coming 5-10 years? Basing yourself on external sources, identify a top-3 of challenges/trends and a top-3 of potential enablers.
Justify the reasoning behind your priority setting and the potential impact you expect these challenges and enablers to have in the coming years on the company in general and the different elements of its operations & Supply Chain in particular. How will the different aspects of demand be potentially affected (the What?) and how will the different aspects of supply be potentially affected (the How?). Please see an overview with examples of trends & enablers in the Annex at the end of this document.
D. Defined policies and personal opinion about those,Discuss which policies the company has already defined to address the challenges and explore or leverage potential enablers as described in Part C. Give your personal opinion about these policies and about how they are applied by the company.

Which additional policies/actions/initiatives would you suggest in order to deal with the challenges and/or prepare for / leverage on the enablers?

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