Strategies that Google is Implementing Better Control and monitor Video Content and Placement?


After the extensive coverage last week about Google’s controversial ad placements, I thought it would be beneficial for students to critically evaluate their response, including the use of third-party companies to monitor where ads appear on YouTube.

That’s not the only solution mentioned in the article, so one approach is to have students list each of the elements of Google’s approach to this problem, and briefly describe the benefits of that approach as well as the challenges. Because Google is such a significant component of the digital advertising world, it’s crucial for our students to understand the scope and seriousness of this current challenge.

1. In your own words, describe the primary problem that Google is trying to address.
2. What information have advertisers wanted from Google that it has not previously been able to provide?
3. Besides the use of third-party measurement companies, what are some of the other strategies that Google is implementing to better control and monitor video content and ad placement?
4. Why do advertisers care so much about the videos that their ads are placed with?
5. Why is it so challenging to define and identify videos that should be classified as objectionable and inappropriate?
All ideas, phrases and para-phrases must use in-line citations (APA style) and you must include references.
All ideas and opinions must be supported by facts, evidence and examples. All facts, evidence and examples must have citations!

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