Should be one to two pages (250-500 words) and analyze the film’s theme and form

Should be one to two pages (250-500 words) and analyze the film’s theme and formal elements like camera work, lighting, composition, color, sound, and editing. Show other aspects of film form—the narrative, mise-en-scène, cinematography, editing, and sound—all influence the nature of acting performances and that acting performances in turn can influence our perception of the other formal components of a film. Acknowledging the active role that actors play in shaping a movie’s meanings, the author devotes the last major section of the chapter—”Looking at Acting”—to showing us how we might evaluate any acting performance. Show ways the director uses film FORM (lighting, camera, color, sound, editing, composition, etc) to reenforce that theme. DO identify the underlying theme of the film. DO take the movie apart and reveal how it works. DO mention the formal elements (lighting, camera work, sound, editing, color, design, etc.) and how they reveal the theme. DON’T tell the plot or story (I know what happens — I’ve seen the movie ten times). DON’T make value judgements (good, amazing, terrific, influential, inspiring). DON’T bring in box office numbers, ticket sales, cost of production or profits. DON’T include biographical information about the director. IF ONE OF THESE MOVIES DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU PLEASE REACH OUT I HAVE MORE OPTIONS.

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