Security Professional Measures

Security Professional Measures


Deterrence is designated to dissuade potential violators from launching threat and criminal acts against organizations. Aura Security in physical security is often heightened by security professional measures such as signs placed along perimeters near openings of the facility. Aura security strives to create strong phycological deterrent warning offenders and keeping them away from the facility.

Deterrence has very limited or no physical security mechanism and Detection apparatus is used in most facilities to detect perpetrators. Such devices include devices closed circuit television (CCTV), intrusion sensors, duress alarms, weapons screening devices and protective dogs.  Traditionally, these devices are installed to identify violators upon arrival in the facility.

  • The university president is very concerned about external threats. What countermeasures such as deterrence or detection must be implemented on campus to enhance student, faculty and staff security?

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Per Fennelly (2017: 219-228), countermeasures concentrate extensively on deterring unauthorized users entering the organization’s security center. It is worth noting that external and internal users are conspirators.

External perpetrators often gain legitimate access to organization’s network center in the guise of technicians, professional consultants and irritated employees. You have been retained as the lead director of Adam Smith, Inc. Security Data Center:

  1. Provide an active three long-range plan to deter and deny external perpetrators access to the corporate center?
  2. Provide an active three long-range plan to deter and deny internal perpetrators access to the corporate center? 
  3. Provide an active three long-range plan to deter and deny disgruntled employees access to the corporate center?
  4. How can you identify such individuals or group of individuals?