Section I: Introduction – Thesis statement & roadmap Example: “In this article,

Section I: Introduction – Thesis statement & roadmap
Example: “In this article, the authors argue that a causal loop diagram can make the existential risk of climate change easier to manage. I disagree with this oversimplified argument, even while agreeing with their assertion that this kind of systems approach helps clarify “granular” aspects of the issue of food insecurity and climate change. In this paper, I will briefly highlight the author’s main arguments, critique their literature review, and identify the benefits of their causal loop diagrams depicting climate change, food insecurity, and societal collapse.”
Section II: Review of the main arguments and causal loop diagram
Do you agree or disagree with the author(s)’ overall point of view and main arguments?
Please make sure to outline what you believe the author(s)’ main arguments are, and why you disagree or agree with them.
Please make sure you think critically about whether you have identified the full scope of the author(s)’ arguments.
How do the author(s) apply the “determinants” or elements of the system to their CLD(s), and what determinants stand out to you as most important in the depiction of the system?
Do you agree with the author(s)’ methodology in creating the causal loop diagram(s) (CLDs)? Why or why not?
Do you agree with the author(s)’ choice of determinants in the CLD(s), and if not, what determinants would you have included instead?
If you do agree, please highlight where you agree with the author’s choice of determinants.
Section III: Conclusion
Summary of your thesis and main points

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