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America and Africa Research Paper


The book, Definition of Culture and society across the World defines Culture as accumulated knowledge, behaviour, experience, language, art, laws, morals, beliefs, attitude, customs and traditions that are shared by a particular society and can be passed down from one generation to the other (Terry, 2016). Culture therefore defines members of a given society. Terry also explains Society as a large group of people bound together geographically and live in an organized way by sharing work and following laws put in place. People living in a country are therefore considered a society. The American culture according to David refers to the way of life of the American people who comprise of different races, and speak different languages (David, 2011). This research paper seeks to compare the American and the African culture in terms of the family structures, education systems, traditions that include rite of passage and initiation, religious beliefs and practices, diseases and medical accessibility, sexual norms as well as death rituals. The paper will research broadly on the components of culture as highlighted above with an aim of comparing the American and the African culture. Norms, traditions and values are important aspects that not only characterize a society but also differentiate one society from another.

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