Role that Conflict and or Evil play between the Characters Jack and Ralph: English Assignment SPS, Canada


Final Assessment Choice 1

Lord of the Flies by William Golding
Lord of the Floes explores several themes that focus on many different societal issues. A few of the major themes in this novel are the idea of humanity, savagery and the rules of civilization. Your task is to write a 1,000-1,500 word (approximately 5-8 pages, double spaced) literary analysis essay on one of the following topics.

1.) Discuss the role that conflict and/or evil play between the characters, Jack and Ralph. In your essay, make sure to comment on how these characters are represented by the forces of savagery and civilization.

2.) In the beginning, the story offers a glimmer of hope that the boys will be quickly saved, but soon the story turns in to a disaster, where the boys do their best to survive on an uncivilized, isolated island until they are eventually rescued. Discuss how the story changes over time and how this change greatly impacts the boy’s mentality and overall well-being.

3.)Although many of the characters in the novel have ideas, some good and some bad, there is one character that seems to have more good ideas than the rest — Piggy. He comes up with useful and logical ideas about creating organization and structure among the group and about survival. Despite this, some of the other boys are disrespectful.’ and mean to Piggy. How is Piggy used to advance the major themes in this novel? Consider how the author develops Piggy’s character when creating your essay.

4 The sow’s head and the conch shell are two symbols In the novel. Each represents a certain kind of power. Discuss the symbolism of the sow’s head and/or the conch shell. How is each of their power’s significant? How do their powers differ? How do the symbols control the group or the person using them? Consider whether or not Lord of the Flies is a novel about power Or about something else.


  • You must have a strong opening paragraph and a strong concluding paragraph.
  • You must have a thesis statement. • You must meet the minimum length requirement.
  • Proper MLA format is expected for this literary essay. Failure to do so will result in an automatic zero.
  • You must include a Works Cited page. Failure to include a Works Cited page will result in an automatic zero.
  • Citations are expected to be included in your literary essay and they must be cited properly within the text. You must use a minimum of three citations from the text. Failure to do so will result in an automatic zero.
  • This literary essay must not be in the first person. (Do not use “r in your essay.)
  • Please indicate which essay topic you have chosen to write about by creating a title that reflects such.
  •  A rubric is attached for your reference

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