Role of national union in the Federation America


This exercise has several purposes. The main one is to have you understand the role of unions and assess whether they are relevant today. By looking at each of the prescribed websites, you should become more familiar with what unions do and how they are structured. Go to the AFL-CIO federation website (

Look at the programs and services it offers. (Use the “About Us” button at the top or in the site map at the bottom of the page.) The AFL-CIO is not a union itself, but many national unions do participate in the federation. Note the list of affiliated unions. Find the Communications Workers of America national union. Go to its website ( ). Review what it offers and how it operates.

Note, in particular, the section “Democracy in Our Ranks.” (Click the “About” button and find it on the left menu or go to the site map.) See the sample authorization card:
Next, go to the website of a local office to see what it emphasizes. Then, using one of the four schools of thought from the Week 1 Introduction to support your position as well as at least one of the assigned readings (cited), state why you think employees do or do not join unions. Please post a brief paragraph in this forum.

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