Research Process And Strategy




Research Process And Strategy


An insurance company has hired you to do  an evaluation of its training program. Members of management are  particularly concerned about the new-hire training for new insurance  agents. This training teaches the agents about all of the different  policies offered by the company for life, auto, home, and health  insurance. The current situation is that the company is paying each  agent taking the course $300 a week while in training. The training  course lasts for 8 weeks.

This costs the company $2,400 in salary per  agent during the training. The instructor is paid $5,000 for the 8  weeks. Other overhead expenses include site rental, supplies, and  equipment, and they cost approximately $3,000. At the end of the  training, the agents are assigned a trained agent to work with for 2  weeks (new agent pay is still $300 a week), and then they are assigned a  territory. 45% of the agents trained quit before the end of the time  with the trained agent. Another 20% quit or are fired within the first 3  months on the job. The company needs to find out what needs to be done  to improve its hiring and training practices so that it retains more of  the agents hired.  

Your assignment is to develop a proposal (in APA-manuscript  format) for data collection. Specifically, you will be required to  clearly explain and justify the data-collection plan you would follow to  do the training program evaluation.

Be sure to include the following:  

  • The data you will collect  
    • Construct a data collection tool with a Likert scale.  
    • The data collection tool should use 5 survey statements.  
    • The Likert scale should include 5 categories from “agree” to “disagree.” 
  • Classification of the data as quantitative or qualitative  
  • Description of why the data are needed  
  • Description of who you will collect the data from (sample) and what method you will use to determine the sample  
  • Technology options that you might use to collect data and why the selected technology is appropriate 

Be sure to use the EDU602 LibGuide as well as appropriate  peer-reviewed journal sources (other than the textbook) to support and  reinforce your choices. Because you have not yet collected data (your  paper is just a proposed plan), do not make recommendations regarding  the solution to the problem.