Research paper assignment for BIO 116 This research project is worth 75 points.

Research paper assignment for BIO 116
This research project is worth 75 points. It will be due on _____________. You must have your topic and detailed outline with references page to me by _____________ worth 25 points. Examples of a detailed outline can be found here Examples of a research outline. The outline and the paper must be submitted to the Assignments section on D2L.
I will only accept papers that are in word doc format.
If you do not have MSWord, please click here Office 365 for CCD Students
I will only accept papers turned into the D2L platform (do not email papers/outlines).
Late papers are not accepted. Plan accordingly.
The topic must be related to the course material and ask specific questions about a disease or related to the class.
Turnitin score must be 25% or less.
Avoid using too many direct quotes in your paper.
Do not describe a disease process in your paper but ask a question about that disease.
Seven peer-reviewed sources no older than 2016.
What is peer-reviewed?
Auraria Library Evaluating Sources
All references in your works cited page must be used in your paper as in text citations.
Examples of good topic ideas
Is ALS a genetic disease?
The effectiveness of lower back surgery in cases of chronic low back pain.
Vitamin D deficiency and the link between mental health and suicide.
What does the BRACA gene mean for women with breast cancer.
Examples of poor topic ideas
What causes ALS
Treatment options for low back pain.
Mental health and diet.
Are genetic factors responsible for cancer?
Examples of sources that are not peer-reviewed
Blog articles or Web articles
Example of a web/blog article
Example of a peer-reviewed article
You can use Google Scholar, the campus library, and other resources to search for peer reviewed articles but do not use the search engines as a reference for your paper.
Examples of sources that are peer-reviewed
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
BMJ Journals
Nature: International Journal of Science
If you are using Google Scholar off-campus. Use Search Google Scholar from the Auraria Library Website or add Auraria Library links to your Google Scholar profile settings using the following steps:
Login into your Google Scholar Account
Click on the menu button and then click Settings
Click on Library links, and search for Auraria Library
Check the box next to Auraria Library – Full-Text@Auraria, and then click Save.
If you use either of these options, Full-Text@Auraria Library links will appear next to articles that you have access to through Auraria Library subscriptions.
Examples of Plagiarism:
All forms of plagiarism (whether intended or accidental) will result in a 0 on the assignment and a report filed with CCD.
Self-plagiarism, using a previous paper for this assignment.
Copying any amount of text from another source with no citation given.
Stitching sections of multiple sources together with no citations and turning it in as your own.
It is your responsibility to know what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.
Use this guide from Auraria Library Plagiarism Guide
You will be able to see your “Turnitin” score when you submit your paper. The paper should score no higher than 25%.
The paper must follow the following format.
1600 words minimum/1800 maximum (not including your works cited page, cover page, or title)
12-point font
Double spaced
1-inch margins
Uploaded in a MS Word format (.docx)
Appearance is consistent from the cover page to the works cited page.

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