For this assignment, you will be reflecting on your experiences with clients and how supervision can inform client cases. You will present a case that is typical of your practicum site. This should not be a real person, but instead, it should be a fictitious person that represents the type of client that would utilize the services of your agency. You can combine different aspects of various clients, or you can create an entirely new case; either way, the case should not directly relate to one person/client in
particular. This assignment will allow you to explore a presenting problem, address that presenting problem, and then utilize supervision when working with clients.
Use the following headings in your paper: Introduction, Presentation of the Case, Treatment Options,
Use of Supervision, Conclusion.
• Introduction: In one paragraph, summarize your practicum site, including information you
included in the PPT presentation.
• Presentation of Case: Include the demographic information of the case/client, just as you
would if you were staffing this case at an agency meeting. Include the client’s age, gender,
ethnicity, marital status, and other relevant demographic information. Be sure to include their
presenting problem, history of treatment, and other relevant biopsychosocial information. This
should be 2-3 paragraphs.
• Treatment Options: Include how you and/or the agency would work to address this client’s
presenting problem. What treatment options are available? What referrals would need to be
made? What other agencies might support this client? This can be 1-2 paragraphs.
• Supervision: What questions, concerns, and issues might come up for you related to this
client? Would there be any countertransference? How might you address that? What
additional training might you require to support this client? This might be 1-2 paragraphs.
• Conclusion: Summarize conclusions that you have about this client, the agency, and
supervision, including future directions for the client and future training needs that you might

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