Problem Analysis

UniversityKing Saud University (KSU)
SubjectProblem Analysis


  The root cause analysis for hospital emergency department overcrowding and fishbone diagram and suggestion for solving this problem attached my file to make cause analysis problem.


  The notions of problem-solving and decision-making are considered to be an analytic process. It is used for the identification of possible solutions to the situations at hand. It cannot be denied that the initiation of decision-making is considered to be a significant element of problem-solving.

Overview of the hospital: 

The Dallah hospital located in Riyadh, is known to provide high-quality medical care, which also comprises a skilled team of expert physicians. The presence of a wide array of modern medical services tends to aim at continuous improvement of health and the community under a safe as well as a standardized and convenient environment.

Overview of the emergency department of the hospital: 

As a part of the mission perceived by Dallah hospital, it tends to intend on the provision of comprehensive care. It is present in accord with the Patient and Family Bill of Rights and Responsibilities, which helps them, encourage both patients and employees in an effective manner. The children and patients are unable to practice their potential rights that need to be represented by their appointed family members.

Current problem faced by the emergency department of the hospital:

After an extensive assessment, it is important to identify certain definite aspects. It is to be noted that, over the years, Dallah hospital has managed to provide a significant array of services in the emergency department of the hospital.

However, despite the presence of such intrinsic services, there is a significantly predominant problem that is being faced by this hospital.

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