Police Brutality

Police Brutality


In this paper, I will discuss police brutality and the excessive amount of force that continues against minorities, particularly African American males. Correlations will be made between present social concerns and historic events.

I will review the historic conduct of the African American Population in the U.S. This paper will also show the contentious interaction of African American males, who are regularly viewed as aggressive and intimidating by police officers.

Police brutality is the purposeful exercise unnecessary force, often physical but possibly in the form of emotional intimidation and verbal assault. Following the Civil Rights era, through American history, African Americans have been viewed as the most undervalued race in society and perceived as nuisances to societal order.

Furthermore, law enforcement officers are normally assigned to localities that they have not lived in or are have no understanding of the cultural activities and how these ethics groups function.

The police may respond to African Americans with predetermined deleterious thoughts. This paper will discuss how police officers use force, increased assertiveness and are unfamiliar with social concepts and fear African American males due to the environment they live in.

I will discuss how other Americans in predominately Caucasian communities rarely deal with police brutality. Finally, I will provide data that correlates death within African American males due to police brutality. These men face serious health ordeals that are directing related to the impact of force used against them because of the color of their skin. The police forces are slowing killing African Americans by way of brutality beating them.

Keywords: African American, police brutality, historic events, unnecessary force, intimidation, race, culture

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