please start with the table(4 columns) as mentioned in the instruction on page 1

please start with the table(4 columns) as mentioned in the instruction on page 1 steps 1-4. then are essay after the table
Smallpox Eradication
This exercise aims to make you aware, comprehend, and apply knowledge about the smallpox eradication program (SEU). The SEU successfully eradicated smallpox worldwide. This exercise will help you apply knowledge to a current issue – the control and eradication of COVID 19.
The mental processing involved in this assignment will increase the likelihood that you will recall what you have learned. Recall of the material is the hallmark of learning.
The step-by-step procedure described in this assignment will help you focus on the questions and respond to these questions in a precise and logical manner.
This assignment responds to the following competencies: creative thinking (CT), critical thinking (CriT), written communication (WC), ), rational thought (RT),
Step 1: Read Chapter 1, especially the section on smallpox eradication.
Step 2: Create a table with 4 columns and 2 rows. Write these as column headings: Elements, Lessons, Problems, Problem-Solution Pairs
Step 3: In the first column, in bullet points, list 5 components of the smallpox eradication campaign described by the text that led to the campaign’s success.
You will find the components in paragraphs on pages 13 and 14
Step 4: In the second column, list, in bullet points, 5 lessons learned from the smallpox eradication campaign. You will find the lessons learned on page 15, under the heading “lessons learned.”
You are now ready to write your essay.
Step 7: Divide your essay into 3 parts. Use these headings: (A) Components of the Smallpox Eradication Program; (B). Lessons Learned from the Smallpox Eradication Program, (C) cite 2-3 problems with Covid 19 vaccination program and show clearly how applying the components of lessons learned from the smallpox eradication program, could improved Covid 19 vaccination program.
With regard to the (A) Elements and (B) Lessons Learned portions, each sentence should be supported with 1 or 2 sentences that explain how an element or lesson learned contributed to the successful eradication of smallpox.
Aim for about 100 words for each part. Don’t now worry if you have more than 100.
Each part is worth 5 points, one point for each component or lesson in A and B. Part C is extra credit (3 pts). The more clearly you apply what you observed in Parts A and B to improve what you see as the problems of the Covid 19 vaccination program, the more points you will earn.
Each bullet point should be presented as a complete sentence.

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