Please follow the attached document and complete the template by providing answe

Please follow the attached document and complete the template by providing answers to the questions based on the chosen topic which I have already inserted for you in the template.
I also attached a copy of the milestone one assignment for as a reference for you. feel free to let me know of any questions.
For this discussion, you will create a speech outline for the career-focused informative speech you conceptualized in Milestone One. A template has been provided for this purpose. You will then share your outline with your peers to obtain feedback, and give feedback to your peers on their outlines. When commenting on your peers’ posts, provide critical yet constructive feedback based on best practices of outline writing as discussed in the course textbook. As peers and your instructor provide feedback on your outline, be sure to review and incorporate that feedback into your project as appropriate.
For your initial post, address the following:
Complete your outline using the Speech Outline Template Word Document and attach it to a post for discussion.
In your post, identify two specific areas you would like peer feedback on. Examples may include:
The use of tone
Quality of points and subpoints
Relevance of explanations to subpoints
Alignment of certain sections (introduction, body, conclusion) to identified audience
Effectiveness of introduction
Effectiveness of conclusion

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