Origins of a Logframe – What is a Logframe

Answer the following question while illustrating the answer with examples:
Critically assess the usefulness of a specific tool or approach to support development in practice. The chosen tool is the Logframe
Kindly follow the below outline:
1. Introduction
2. Origins of a Logframe – What is a Logframe ?
3. Advantages and disadvantages of a Logframe
4. What is the uptake of Logframe ?
5. What are the limits of a Logframe? ( we can mention here, among other things, how the logframe was originally intended to be a process of analysis but has become rather debased and reduced into being a 4×4 tool)
6. What do the practioners say about Logframe?
7. Lograme in practice
8. Logframe vs Theory of change
9. Suggestions for improvement (If there are any)
10. Conclusion

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