NRSG375 Clinical Leadership




NRSG375 Clinical Leadership

Assessment Task 1

: Audio visual presentation
You are required to design and produce a 2-3 minute audio visual presentation which relates to a clinical leadership issue of interest to you and submit the assessment in the format of a narrated powerpoint presentation. Y

ou may wish to follow the format of the mini lecture recordings made by Dr David Stanley which you can find in online module 2, for your narrated powerpoint (ppt) presentation.

The idea is that you will speak to power point slides relating to the issue of interest. Please ensure that you use a minimum of 18 font for each of the ppt slides and that you break up dense text. You will need to write a script to speak to, for your narrations for each of the slide, it is important that you not simply read from the text of each slide.
This assessment task requires you to identify someone (preferably Buddy nurse, CNS, ANUM, NUM, Clinical Educator or if unable to reflect on a nurse clinician, an alternative health discipline clinician) you have noticed on clinical placement who has displayed qualities consistent with the clinical leadership issue of interest that you have chosen.

Online module 1 presents a comprehensive exploration of the topic of clinical leadership and the related literature, to which you should refer when deciding on the issue you choose to pursue for this assessment task.
You will need to explore what characteristics of clinical leadership were evident in the issue of interest and how you observed these qualities displayed by the person you have chosen to reflect upon for this assessment task. You will need to support the concepts relating to clinical leadership with evidence from the contemporary literature.
The narrated powerpoint should be no more than 10 slides (including 1 for Introduction and 1 for References), and no more than 3 minutes of narration. Please note the entire submitted file of your assessment task cannot be larger than 100mb or it will not be able to be successfully submitted into the designated assignment dropbox in the assessment folder of your campus tile.
Referencing is integral to academic writing, in the Faculty of Health Sciences, the prescribed referencing convention is the APA referencing style.