Network Planning And Requirements

Network Planning And Requirements


There are two questions that need to be answered in the Week 4 Discussion.

Please answer each question discretely in your New Thread post.

1. Before we begin to implement any type of network solution, we need to go

through a planning stage. One of the most important elements of this

phase is Requirement Gathering. We need these requirements from

stakeholders so we understand what is necessary to provide in order to

meet all of the needs of the requestor. Assume that we are being asked to

lead a project that will upgrade or replace a company’s network

infrastructure. The company has 1,000 employees in two different offices

and have had their existing network equipment for five years. You are

leading the project and are starting the Gather Requirement activity.

a. What requirements would you need to know about?

b. For each requirement, who would you need to talk to get detailed


c. Why is the Gather Requirements activity so important?

Understanding risk is also a vital element of network design. Risk is the chance

that a threat will exploit, or take advantage of, a vulnerability. A threat is

something that can cause harm (a hacker, a flood, etc.), while a vulnerability is

a weakness in a system (poorly configured firewall, unpatched-system, etc.).

Every time a threat can exploit a vulnerability (threat action), we have a risk.

For example, there is a possibility (risk) that a disgruntled employee (threat)

could delete sensitive data from the network (threat action) because of poor

file system access controls (vulnerability).

a. Choose a company or industry to examine risk for. If you currently are working,

try and use your knowledge of your current company.

b. Determine and list at least 3 risks, threats, vulnerabilities, and threat actions for

your company of choice.

c. For each risk identified in Item b, determine how you would mitigate the risk.

Mitigation is attempting to lessen the impact, or likelihood of a risk occurring