Lean Six Sigma- Meeting Customers’ Expectations on Internal Performance Targets.

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Lean Six Sigma- Meeting Customers’ Expectations on Internal Performance Targets.

UniversitySingapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)
SubjectBUS366: Lean Six Sigma


Background and Overview of Report

Organizations are facing challenges in operations due to various issues in their business processes in the current economy with fierce competition and rapid technological changes. Lean Six Sigma serves as a useful method and tool to identify process issues and implement measures to improve business processes.

Consider the organization you are working in or which you are familiar with. You are asked to identify a business process in this organization that is facing challenges in meeting customers’ expectations or internal performance targets. You may discuss with your supervisor or experienced colleagues to select this process. You are going to conduct a Lean Six Sigma project to improve this process.

Submit a report on how you would identify the process issues, analyze the problem, recommend and implement ideas to improve the process, and establish control plans to sustain the improved process using the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC approach. We shall thereafter call your selected organization as the “subject organization” and the selected business process as the “subject business process”.

Question 1 – Organization Background

Introduce the subject organization, including the name of the organization (If it is sensitive to provide the real name, use a pseudonym instead), its nature of business, products or services provided, and types of customers served. Discuss customer values on the products or services provided by the organization. Provide the website address of the organization if any.

Question 2 – Define & Measure

  1. Briefly describe the role/function of the selected subject business process in the organization which is facing issues or challenges. Develop the SIPOC diagram of the process.
  2. Define the problem statement about the issue(s) and the impact on the organization’s operations. (You may refer to the problem statement template in Gitlow et al., 2015, p247) Describe the VOC and define the CTQ metric to measure the process performance.
  3. Describe the current performance of the subject process. Propose the project objective.

Question 3 – Analyse

  1. Develop the “As-Is” Process Map for the subject business process.
  2. Organize a brainstorming session with your colleagues to discuss the possible causes of the issues in the process. You need to either briefly describe how the brainstorm session is organized or take and show a photo of the brainstorming session for your project. Generate the Fishbone/Cause and Effect diagram of the potential causes.
  3. Conduct a Gemba walk, describe and show*
  • At least three (3) wastes you observed in the subject business process.
  • The likely root causes of each of the above wastes.

Question 4 – Improve & Control

  1. Propose four (4) most critical DMAIC tools (deliverables) to produce and document in the Improve and Control phases to sustain the CTQ improvements? Explain your reasons for selecting these four tools as the most critical ones.
  2. Recommend and describe three (3) countermeasures/improvement ideas to improve the process. Indicate whether the countermeasure is to address the root causes or remove/eliminate the wastes identified from the Gemba walk in Question 3.
  3. Recommend two (2) measures to standardize the improved process in Question 4(b). Examine the effectiveness of the measures.
  4. Develop a control plan for the improved process. You can make assumptions for the metric specification/requirement and any other quantitative figures in the control plane.

Question 5 – Lean Six Sigma Deployment

  1. Discuss with your supervisor or someone involved in quality or process improvement function, relate, and describe how your organization currently drives continuous quality improvements with regards to approach or methodology, organizational roles, training programs, etc. Examine and describe the challenges of the current approach. (Limit your answer to 350 words)
  2. Evaluate and recommend how Lean Six Sigma management can help improve the effectiveness of continuous quality improvement efforts in your organization in the current digital and social economy from the following aspects: organization & roles, improvement project selection and deployment programs, key factors of ensuring the success of the projects. Appraise and explain the benefits and advantages of adopting the Lean Six Sigma management. (Limit your answer to 350 words)


Your Lean Six Sigma project has successfully completed the DMAIC Control Phase Tollgate 5 review meeting. The project sponsor was very pleased with the results and was impressed with the DMAIC approach taken. He has now asked you to prepare a presentation to update the Chief Executive on the project approach, findings, and recommendations. Address your presentation in a manner suited for the Chief Executive.

Prepare a video recording of the presentation of at least 3 minutes but not exceeding 6 minutes. There are two methods for ECA video assignment submission: either Record Media or Upload Media. For Upload Media, please note that your file size should be no more than 500MB and the format is in .mp4.


Prepare a set of PowerPoint presentations upon which the video presentation is based. Please note that the PowerPoint must not be more than 15 slides and be converted to PDF before submission to SUSS (Canvas).


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