Leadership Style

Leadership Style


With the time-sensitive world we live in, it is important to have a document that articulates a point in an abbreviated form. These documents are critical in boardrooms when management asks for a quick report on a lengthy project. Think of it as somewhat of an elevator pitch about the project. 

For this milestone, you will capture your final research project in a one-page paper to summarize your findings, providing a shortened version of your longer final presentation. 


Specifically, be sure to include the following in your one-page summary report: 

● Briefly summarize the topic 

● Explain its importance in the workplace 

● Identify an example of it being used in the business world 

● Share your personal perspective on it (passion for the topic) 

Guidelines for Submission:

Your milestone submission should be no more than one page in length, double-spaced, in a 12-point font, with sections clearly labeled to reflect the above criteria. References should be cited in APA format