Issues of Culture and Diversity

Issues of Culture and Diversity

Scenario one

You are a volunteer crisis worker at a local domestic violence support center. You routinely correspond with callers via text and instant messaging. What are some important etiquette considerations you will make with every client?

Scenario Two

You are a worker in a residential treatment program for behaviorally disruptive adolescents. Briefly describe the stages of intervention with a potentially violent individual.

Scenario THREE
Following a disaster, a survivor is standing in line waiting to enter a dining room tent. The survivor begins speaking with you, a crisis intervention worker, about a deeply traumatic and personal issue. Other survivors are standing in line and could easily over hear the conversation. The client asks the disaster worker to keep their conversation confidential. How would you proceed? What are the ethical principles, legal, moral, or political issues involved?

Vignette Two

The following vignette is designed for you to demonstrate your understanding of the assessment and intervention of crisis and trauma. You must include culture specific understanding and recognize legal and ethical issues present.

Juan is a 32-year-old man from a strong Mexican American family. He recently returned from active duty in military combat. The only reason he is seeking help is because his wife gave him an ultimatum.  Juan’s wife is present for the initial interview. She tells you that since Juan returned, he drinks daily and has been getting violent in the home. He has been accusing her and their 2 children of stealing his money and believes they are plotting to leave him.

The wife also tells you that Juan has not been able to return to work. He believes there is evil lurking out in the world and is becoming house bound. Juan admits that he lives in terror. He saw several of his buddies killed in an explosion, suffers from debilitating migraines, has recurring nightmares and horrific thoughts of his war experience. You find Juan to have good reality testing but occasionally during your interview, he has odd and eccentric ways of explaining things. 

Provide an assessment and intervention plan for Juan. Remember to consider culture and legal/ethical issues in your response.