Is the legal framework around seed saving fair and democratic?

choose TWO of the topics below and organize your paper around them. Use concrete examples from the documentary Food.Inc, from class material, and from your own research to support your position.
Subsidies and their role in shaping the American diet.
Who should keep our food safe?
Is the legal framework around seed saving fair and democratic?
The link between immigration and food production in the US.
Is industrial food ethical?
How much choice do farmers and consumers have in an industrial food system?
Start with a strong hook/opening sentence. Try to sum up your opinion in a single sentence to begin, then think about examples from the documentary to support your initial point.
State your position. An op-ed is about your opinion and perspective. Using examples from the film and other information from your class, put your argument forward in a persuasive, authoritative manner. It’s ok to be informal. Write as if you are debating with a friend. Use simple, every day language that is easy to understand. Keep in mind you are writing for a general audience that may not be as familiar with your subject as you are.
Keep it short and simple. TWO PAGES (3 max). Times New Roman 12, double spaced. State your opinion clearly and quickly, and back it up with facts and examples from the documentary.

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