Instructions for the essay • Must be an argumentative essay, which means you mus

Instructions for the essay
• Must be an argumentative essay, which means you must provide information about the topic
and present an argument with supporting and opposing ideas on a contentious issue. For more
information on how to write an argumentative paper, check out:
o Please note that descriptive essays which largely “re-tell the story” cannot qualify for
a grade greater than C+.
• Must be a minimum of 1200 words to a maximum of 1500 words – including parenthetical
notes, but excluding works cited and cover page
o Note: Under length Deficiency Penalty = –10
• Should have a separate Cover Page which has: your name, your student number, this course’s
number and title, and my name
• Must be typed in 12pt font in Times New Roman
• Must be written in formal academic English, obeying formal British or American or Canadian
grammar, spelling, and language rules – check out:
o Please Note: Marks will not be deducted for occasional errors in grammar or spelling;
the mark primarily reflects the student’s ability to analyse, organise and review a topic
in the review format. However, significant or consistent style problems will lower the
final grade
• Must have an introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion, and bibliography/works cited
• Must have page numbers
• Must be double-spaced
• For this paper, use a citation style of your choice. For guidelines:
o Note: No Citations Penalty = –10%
• Must have a Works Cited list in alphabetical order
• Good academic sources: journal articles and books through UWO’s online journal retrievals
• At least four scholarly journals or book sources
• No textbooks are considered as part of your academic sources and should be used sparingly
for only limited factual or statistical data
• Due Date:
o November 21
st, 2022
• A Marking Sheet shows other expectations for your paper.
• The paper MUST be submitted electronically in Word format. Any other formats will not be
accepted. The essay has to be forwarded to the drop-box on OWL by 11:59 p.m. on the due
date. There will be a penalty of 2% per day for late papers. If you are late, don’t hesitate to
contact me before the deadline. No essay will be accepted after one week past the deadline.
The only reason for missing a deadline is an illness or a personal crisis. In both cases, you must
document your reason for the late submission.

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