Impact Organizational Security Policies

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Impact Organizational Security Policies

Pick 2 of the business drivers that impact organizational security policies and explain why? 


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Business Drivers

Business driver is the input key and activity that drives the financial and operational results of a business. Some of the examples of a business driver are store numbers, salespeople and production units etc. It explains the important factors that lead success at business are more for art of science. These differ factors widely that depends on scope, industry and many other marketing dynamics (Tuyikeze, 2016).

Security Policies:

Security policies are the basic information of organization’s security. Many of the organizations are informed with security places for ensuring the data which is always secured. It’s important for ensuring the contents that are implemented effectively. The key compliances with security policy at education. The users are the needs of security which are important for data security and how they are important for data security and beneficial for daily works.

Security policy is not few lines of rules to follow but the organizational set up and operational flow to succeed as an entity. Senior management has the final say on what to be included in the form of scope which is the result of inputs from various department heads. Process flow for any activity is structured in these policy and how enterprise responds to the changes is something to be watched for. In large enterprises where many teams work for infrastructure should convene to take a common decision which is a common deed. Policy should include everything from security and implementation perspective.

Security policy is critically reviewed with ERM process and market competency. At times there are certain decisions which needs to be taken to bypass some rules and policy plays a major role in directing steps to be followed to bypass. Policy is like a bible for Information technology to make sure every aspect of security is covered.

Security program awareness:

It’s the important for drivers’ organizations when they provide based on programs basing on security awareness for purposes. The employee’s behavior will be managed by the situations when source root actually understands by organization and possible through applications of systems drive.

The effects are made by multiple drivers with a business that are described above in policy observing securities in better manners that have involvement of related compliance security policy. It certainly found difficult for many of the organizations to manage security policy in systems by helping compliances in security policy that are formed due to operational actions (Aurigemma, 2013).

Response#2(Kavya Sri)

Business drivers are the critical inputs and activities that aid in the operational and financial results of a business. The business drivers impact all the financial aspects of a company. They assist in the continued industry success and its growth hence improved organizational operations. Business drivers include people, information, and conditions that help the company to achieve the set objectives.

Taking people as business drivers, the corporate personnel making decisions for the organization should set achievable goals of the organization. The business should also know the staff that enters and leaves the business premises to ensure a conducive operational environment. The business stakeholders put in place control measures to ensure there is no access to sensitive information and data by unauthorized personnel. The organizational systems are only accessed by authorized people to keep the data stored in systems secure from attackers. (Wirtz et al., 2015).

According to Leggette& Resch (2016), taking information as the other business driver, the IT systems are secured to protect the stored organizational data and information. The flow of information should be achieved from spillage to avoid easy access by the attackers. Information security helps the organization to reduce costs that are used to retrieve any lost information hence increasing its profit margin.

The information management of the organization creates excellent departmental relations where the data can flow conveniently between the departments. The organizational IT systems ensure that there are policies put in place to respond to any system attack by the attackers swiftly.

The business should create a free environment where customers can interact freely with organizational stakeholders. The customers have the opportunity to give their grievances about the product and services of the organization.

The information is received in the organization, and rectification is done hence maintaining continued market, therefore; improving organizational security in maintaining its stiff competition in the market (Resch. J, 2016).


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