Go to the Amazon Web Service (AWS) website at the link below and look for a cust

Go to the Amazon Web Service (AWS) website at the link below and look for a customer success story that interests you and write about it.
https://aws.amazon.com/solutions/case-studies/?nc2=h_ql_le_css&customer-references-cards.sort-by=item.additionalFields.publishedDate&customer-references-cards.sort-order=desc&awsf.customer-references-location=location%23americas&awsf.customer-references-segment=customer-segment%23enterpriseLinks to an external site.
There are at least 50 there – so don’t choose the first one.  Look at the other posts and choose different companies.
Select one company. Then go to that company’s website (the website of the “success story” company you chose above) and see if you can find some mention of their use of the cloud services at AWS and describe what you find. 
Then answer the questions: 
Question 1 What kind of   AWS cloud service model does the company you selected to use? 
Question 2  Is the cloud presence at AWS of your chosen company a MAJOR factor in the company’s success or a minor factor?
Question 3 How long has the company been using AWS cloud services?
Question 4  Do you think it was a good choice for this company to use cloud services or would they have been better off not using cloud services ( using their own data center)?  Why? 

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