First, you are not required to use newspaper articles. You can use any news arti

First, you are not required to use newspaper articles. You can use any news articles, including from magazines, website’s, journals, transcripts, podcasts, etc. They do NOT need to be scholarly and I encourage you to use a variety of different sources from different geographical areas, different political views, cultures, religious views, etc. The whole point of this paper is to answer the question “What effect does media have on child abuse and neglect?”.
Questions and second half!
You should then choose the best five to ten to analyze according to the following
1. What impact does the article have on the reader?
2. What value laden words does the author use?
3. What appears to be the reporter’s view of the people involved?
4. Does the reporter appeal to the reader to adopt a specific view?
5. Does the reporter offer any solutions?
You will then write a 3-4 page conclusion that answers the question “What effect does the media have on child abuse and neglect?” The conclusion and their analysis of these questions is the essence of the project.
The paper, along with copies of the five to ten articles you analyzed will be worth 30% of your final grade
The questions on the information sheet do not need to be explicitly answered in your paper, but are there to help guide your analysis. If it was me, I would use those questions to analyze each individual article and look for themes within the responses. I would use the themes from my articles to outline my final paper.
Whatever articles you use should be recent. I know on the info sheet it says this semester (January-April 2021) but as long as they are from the last year that would be fine. There is no specific format your paper needs to be in, however it should be written in a formal, academic tone. You do not need to include references unless you use a reference that is not the text or one of the articles. You 3-4 page paper is an analysis, so you should not go into detail about any of the articles, you are analyzing themes.
Hopefully this information cleared some things up, if not, please email me with any other questions! Thank you!!

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