Find an online article related to dinosaurs that you think is interesting enough

Find an online article related to dinosaurs that you think is interesting enough to be incorporated into the upcoming lectures. Click on “Add Submission” below, and in the text field copy a link to the webpage where I can view the article, as well as a brief summary of that article. The summary should be several sentences that explain 1) what the article is about, 2) the group(s) of dinosaurs that the article addresses, and 3) what you personally found to be most interesting about the article.
Important: DO NOT summarize the March 2017 study that suggested a new evolutionary tree for dinosaurs. I will discuss this in lecture before this assignment is even due!
If I incorporate your article into a lecture, you will be entered into a raffle at the end of the quarter.
Here is an example of what I’m looking for:
This article discusses what the sclerotic ring can tell us about dinosaur behavior. The sclerotic ring is a bony structure in the eye of many vertebrates, and the shape of this structure can tell us something about the light conditions in which an animal was active. By looking at the shapes of the sclerotic ring in dinosaurs, paleontologists found evidence that herbivorous groups were most active by day, but small carnivores were often active by night. I was especially intrigued by the suggestion that Velociraptor may have been a nocturnal hunter. Such findings make us rethink the idea that Mesozoic mammals were creatures of the night—a hypothesis partly based on the (apparently incorrect) assumption that the more dominant dinosaurs were only active during the day.

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