Exercise Nutrition

Exercise Nutrition

UniversityEdith Cowan University (ECU)
SubjectExercise Nutrition


  1. Identify the interactions between food energy, storage, and exercise capacity; Outcomes
  2. Synthesize current knowledge about nutritional supplements and ergogenic aids
  3. Analyze nutritional strategies relevant to specific exercise conditions
  4. Assess the dietary neech of athletes who have special physiological
    requirements; and
  5. Evaluate current research in exercise and sports nutrition.
    Outline ‘You will be provided with a case study during the Fest tutorial, Your case study will include details of your athlete, the sport, and some nutritional issues that may experience. You are required 10 investigate the current literature surrounding the sport outlined below. You must include scientific, peer-reviewed journal articles in your reference Here. You can also use current textbooks, readable websites, and other literature. Where possible, data should be presented neatly in tabular form to address the sections below. Date in Tables or Figure does not count toward total word count Use of appendices to provide evidence for calculations is allowed. Appendices wall pat be included in the ward count.
  • Length 1600 words [plus or minus 10%}, excluding intext and end-text
  • Word (or similar) digital documents.
  • Your document showéd be formatted with 1.5 fine spacing. font: Times New
    Gaman, site 12, Margene 2.54 cmeath side,
  •  Include page numbers on the bottom right comer.
  •  Tent and end-tent referencing is required using 2% APA referencing style,How to Submit Electronically via Blackboard > Assessment 2 – Case Study folder.
    Marking Please enter 10 Miochhoard > Assessment 2 – Cate Study > Atsessonmnt 2 – Come Shay
    Criteria Morning Rubre
    Feedback will be available via Blackboard > My Grades.

Based on your research, and infected from lectures and tutorials, you will provide a written report an the

Case study, enchanting each of the following:

Athlete profile and physique (~100 words]
List age, gender, height, weight, Body Sfasa warden (BMII and skinfold results, Otscuss the idea! (physique for your ash here and their sport @niclude reasoning will be based on current research. Commentary on how your athlete compares to the ideal propel attributes for their sport, Date
prevented in a table I preferred

Training schedule (“1 page; not included in word count rf presented ins Table)
Oracuss (-100 words| the training requirements for your athlete in their sport include type, frequency, and duration of the training and any seasoned variations. This data should be presented ms date.

Energy system/s (-200 wards)
teeny and explain the predominant human energy syerw/s and the type of fuel/s used for mangy, curing Waiting ard competition. You should not neglect to briefly highlight! The increment Ol other energy systems. Include » justification tor your answer.

Nutrition-related issues (“250 words)
Discuss 2 (two) nutritional issues in detail that are relevant to your athlete and their sport. These ‘can be issued that they may experience during training or competition.

Energy and macronutrient requirements (7350 wards)
Estimate the energy requirements and the protein, carbohydrate, and fat requirements for your activate. Giacuss en the role of these nutrients in the handy, including in energy production.

Fluid requirements (7380 words)
identity the appropriate type, amount, and frequency of fi. id consumption for your athlete red that sport, during training and competition, Discovers the influence of factors such as intensity and duration of activity and environmental conditions on the fluid requirements

Ergogenic aids (~200 words)
identity and comment on one exgrgenic sid thal may provide a benefit 0a yous athlete and the sport, LH raining, and/or competition. Provide supporting evidence for the ergogenic aid and its proposed benefit,

Recommendations {7250 words!
In a short report vo your athlete, summarise the main nutritional sues they may face and provide at least 3 nutrition-related recommendations to them based on your findings Ths sesban con be compéeted in ‘dot pointy’ with explanations inched betow exch point it should also provide &
a concise summary of the formation covered within the assignment.

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Case Studies for Assignment 2
David; a 28-year-old open water swimmer, David iS training to complete the Rottnest Channel swim 8010 in a months time, He aims to swim the
The English Channel 5 months later, David has IOSt weight Since he increased hiS training over the last 10 weeks. and is getting sick more frequently. He is 185 cm. current body weight 7S and sum of skinfolds iS 48 mm,
2. Darcy. The 21-year-old Australian Football player is weighed With Sum Of 7 skinfolds Of is training 4 per a week with the State team and games are on Saturday afternoons, Darcy works full time as a carpenter and has recently moved out of home living With 2 of his other team mates. He has limited experience With cooking and food preparation, He often finds himself eating takeaway,
3. Lisa, a 39-year-Old Ironman triathlete Lisa is 169cmr weighs 62kg, and the sum of 7 skinfolds of 48mm. She trains 7 days per week, often two
sessions per day and works full time as a healthcare worker Mcgtdav-Fridav, In her last Ironman event in Cairns, she started cramping on the bike and struggled during the marathon, Her next event is the Kona Ironman World Championships in 6 monthS’ time.
4. Tess, a 20-year old. m runner. Tess is | 77 cm. weight 59 kg, with a sum of skinfolds of SO mm. ress has been successful at a national level and has her sights set on the 2020 Australian Championships. TOSS lives at home and part-time in hospitality. She has recently changed her diet and is a Lacto-Ovo vegetarian. Her coach would like to see an increase in lean muscle to improve her power.

Lucy, an 18 year Old Netball player.
Lucy plays the position Of center court iii the state under 19 teams and Often has to travel interstate for games, She has recently moved out of home and is a full-time university student. Lucy trains 5 days/week. either With the team or her own sessions, She started a vegan diet’ as recommended by a
friend. and has been feeling fatigued during training recently. Lucy iS 176 cm. weight 61 kg and sum Of 7 skinfolds are 78 mm, which has decreased in the past 4 weeks from 68 kg and 105 mm.