ESSAY Chairman Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett’s latest


ESSAY 1 : Read and analyze Chairman Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett’s latest Letter To

Shareholders. At this writing in January 2019 the latest letter is 2018 Annual Report which is posted in Module 1 and 4. However, the new BUFFETT letter for 2019 ANNUAL REPORT is ANTICIPATED IN LATE FEB 2020 AND IS THE ONE FOR ORU CLASS TO USE At the beginning of the Buffett letter, there is a table with some performance measures for the Berkshire’s stock versus the S&P.

Discuss what the table means to you. With your analysis of the shareholder letter that follows, specifically, ANSWER why do you think Berkshire Hathway stock has been such a strong performer for such a long time, using at least 3 specific reasons found in the letter (is it the management, its great businesses, its great investments, a combination) and be clear and specific why the Birkshire Hathaway stock is a strong performers? and find at least one article about the company and its letter from CNBC,, or any other reliable source that helps to support your explanation. Please be thorough in your reasons and analysis of Berkshire Hathaway based on Warren Buffett’s letter. This part of essay should be a minimum of 3.

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