Describe two of the most significant steps you will take to keep employees and why you believe they will be effective

PLEASE SEE ATTCHMENT NEEDED. I put 5 slides, thats not including the title slide, which I can do myself if you need me to as long as you give me the title. All the details/instructions below.
Imagine that you have received the following e-mail from your boss about a month after they adopted your departmental plan outlined in the previous assessment.
HR E-mail [PDF]: Use this e-mail from your boss as the basis for this assessment.
Create an approximately 5-minute presentation with voice narration targeted to your staff and leadership that effectively responds to your boss’s request found in the e-mail. Your presentation should demonstrate leadership qualities such as composure, preparation, solid communication, thoughtfulness, et cetera. The presentation should also:
Articulate the problems and their sources. (Make sure to include plausible assumptions based upon the facts presented to support your assertions.)
Detail your plan, which must address:
Retention: Describe two of the most significant steps you will take to keep employees and why you believe they will be effective.
Culture, leadership, engagement.
Hiring: Select one of the positions you identified in your organizational chart as new hire. Suggest two actions that you will take to secure new hires. Substantiate your ideas with real market data for at least one of your actions. (Cite your sources.) State any assumptions that you need to make to conduct your research. For example, candidate experience, job level, industry norms, et cetera.
Onboarding or orientation.
Communicating organizational values and culture.
Performance measure and standards: Describe how performance will be measured for one of the position types in your group. Your expectations should be consistent with your stated departmental goals.
Note: You have the option of using Kaltura or PowerPoint to complete your presentation.
Additional Requirements
Communication: Ensure that your narrated presentation is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
Length: Approximately 5 minutes. Submit as many presentation slides as needed to meet the requirements of this assessment. (Include a title slide.)
Visuals: Use font size, colors, and design to assure optimal readability.

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