Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing

UniversityCoventry University (CU) London
SubjectCloud Computing

Assignment Scenario:

Cloud computing is known to be one of the unique features in establishing data mobility, the benefit of this technology is hard to resist to any company including home and personal use. You are working in a small/medium company (, the company planning to build new network infrastructure and discussing/evaluating the options available, being the IT manager you have been appointed to study, evaluate, design, and implement a new company cloud service to provide a resilient mobile and storage for all employees, by which all employees will be able to store, share and access documents and digital files on the move, the system must be able to work in multiple platforms including mobile telephones. This service should be design with the main objective to help employees and engineers across the country to access information related to work.

The company currently do not have any cloud infrastructure and therefore you report should explore, analyze, and evaluate multiple service and deployment model. The end-users at the fast fix should be able to access files using any platform and/or desktop client over the internet. The company directors emphasized mobility and future upcoming project for which the company planning to include VoIP services.

As a cloud engineer, produce a technical report on the design solution and a security manual that answers the following:

  • Introduce and describe the problem
    • Write a rationale describing and analytical background of cloud history and evolution, including some illustration/diagrams to clarify the idea.
    • Brief description of the problem and proposed higher-level solution description
  • The rationale for the solution:
    • Discussion on why the solution is appropriate for the scenario.
    • Architectural design (architectural diagram and description).
    • Deployment model (description of the model, and discussion on why that model was chosen).
    • Service model  (description of the model,  and discussion on why that model was chosen).
    • Critical discussion on data migration during the project.
  • Cloud computing solutions can be realized using various frameworks and tools. You will work with cloud service providers or open-source tools to configure and implement multiple cloud solutions based on the design you have created for the given scenario.
    • Solution 1  Configure a  cloud computing platform with a  cloud service provider’s framework including the installation of any simple applications on/for the platform.
    • Solution 2 Implement a cloud platform using an open-source tool and demonstrate how to use the platform as a simple database server.
  • Analysis of the most common problems of a cloud computing platform.
    • Possible solutions to these problems.
    • Analysis of the most common security issues in the cloud environment.
    • Discussion on how to overcome these issues.


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