Clinical Judgement and Decision Making in Nursing

Clinical Judgement and Decision Making in Nursing


In the Covid unit rehab, a decision was made to allow nurses to take “refusal to treat” position if they were not supplied with adequate personal protective equipment (PPE). That happened after a research was carried out to reveal that healthcare staffs were being exposed to covid-19 risks and that PPEs would be helpful.

The decision-making process followed specific steps to make sure that the change benefited the institution. The first step was to ensure that the outcome desired was clearly defined. All the people involved had to ensure that they understand what they wanted. The second step involved making sure that the roles of every stakeholder in the process were outlined.

The other step was to ensure that the criteria of good decisions were set. As such, this ensured that the decisions made were helpful and would serve their purpose towards the institution’s goals of safety and protecting frontline workers (Farčić et al., 2020). Alternatives were then considered to ensure that a wide variety of choices was in place to solve the problem in the best way possible. The fifth step was to ensure that the plan developed was evaluated to ensure that its effectiveness was established (Standing, 2020). The last step was to document the decisions for which the experts involved in the process settled.

Ultimately, they settled that Covid-19 rehab unit nurses were risking a huge exposure to the diseases and it was best decision that they be protected. After analyzing the possible ways and alternatives that can work, the use of PPEs was found as the best approach.

The decision was effective because the cases of healthcare workers dying in the rehab unit reduced drastically. The rationale behind this outcome is that PPEs reduced the risks associated with the covid-19 to the frontline workers.

The cases recorded after the decision was made were extremely few compared to the time before the choice was put into effect. Therefore, the decision was helpful to the institution and helped it to reduce new covid-19 cases among the nursing workforces.