2nd version – Why Should I Be the Teacher of the Year

All the instruction are in the attachment. Please contact me with any questions. I am looking for a English native speaker to write an essay that engages the reader, has pizzazz and will highlight what I do for my students on a daily basis. I am Math teacher and writing essays are not my forte. I am counting on you to help me with this task. This essay needs to be confidential and cannot be shared as an example or with other people. Also please use turnitin or other programs to check from any plagiarism issues.
Thank you.

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Course Analysis and theories

This project provides the opportunity to apply the knowledge you have gained in this course with respect to learning theories and their relation to instructional designing. Specifically, for this project you critically examine and analyze three short online courses. The goal of the analysis is to ascertain where and how, in the course, the author/s have used principles and practices of Behaviorism, Cognitivism and Constructivism, including their sub-theories. You will use course materials and your own outside research to support your analysis.Use the following links to access the 3 courses:Course 1: https://rise.articulate.com/share/HHvdezlxYmHMJOc_hUdnPGa00qD_-wMGPassword is edi6201Course 2: https://rise.articulate.com/share/lUgrohJHzWlg-bwQPit9nJZaWPWh314gPassword is edi6202Course 3: https://rise.articulate.com/share/DaZW8hxAn7cfIFRIc6STnqrmdtt3IhsjPassword is edi6203Task:Analysis Table: A table displaying the areas in each course:-where the learning theories have been used-what theories are applicable-brief descriiption of how the theories are applied for each area. -justification of the analysis with supporting evidence from the course materials and outside Internet researchIdentify the course areas clearly by using the labels within the course structure.3 outside sources for each course Texts books used in classEfficient, and Engaging Educational Learning Theories (Zhou

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Principle: Procedural Due Process

Exact wording from IDEA:
Provide 3 Supreme Court cases (discussed in the text) that have shaped our understanding and implementation of this principle. List the case, and provide 1 or 2 sentences about the ruling that applies to the principle.
Application, how do you think this principle is implemented in schools:
Feedback from the professor: Here is your grade on the assignment: Exact wording: 1 of 2 points (partial quote); Paraphrase- Developing (3 points); Case law: Developing (0-1 points);, Explanation (3 Developing); application: Superficial or incomplete (0-1): total score = 8. Per your note, I marked the last section as superficial or incomplete, worth 5 points. For the court cases = you did not cite U.S. Supreme Court cases.

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The Importance of Implementing Sex Education Curriculum in Saudi Arabia Universities

Chapter 2 get more theoretical perspectives, and Chapter 3 reframe the methods. The file has some highlighted notes from the professor; please check it and correct it according to the requirements.
In the references, I highlighted a useful source, Check it, and it has the full picture of the culture in Saudi Arabia.
Could you please highlight your work in the file so I can check what you add what you do in the paper.

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: Literacy, Technology, and the First Draft of the Lesson Plan

Topics: Literacy, Technology, and the First Draft of the Lesson Plan Readings: 6 Ways Technology Helps Educators Tackle Low Literacy Rates
Using the provided template, students will submit one literacy lesson plan. Utilize the course readings and materials on Blackboard to support the development of your first draft. Draw from the strategies in the reading for this week to support the inclusion of technology in your lesson. Fill out the template and attend to the instructions, prompts, and rubrics. The lesson plan is to be typed (12 pt. Times New Roman font, double spaced) proof-read, and spell checked. Hand written lesson plans will not be accepted. Submission of the draft lesson plan provides an opportunity to get instructor feedback prior to submission of the final draft.

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Research Outline On implicit Bias using the links provide

Annotated Bibliography (Links Provided) (Use these sources please!!)
Prentice, Robert. Implicit Bias | Concepts Unwrapped. YouTube, YouTube, 31 Oct. 2018,
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoBvzI-YZf4. Accessed 14 Nov. 2022.
The video introduces a prejudice known as “implicit bias”. The narrator and writer, Robert Prentice, is a professor of business law and business ethics at The University of Texas at Austin. His research focuses on business ethics and the psychology of moral decision-making. The video states that implicit bias occurs when attitudes are held unconsciously or there are associated stereotypes toward a group. It includes individuals recounting their personal experiences of implicit bias towards them as well as simple animations that clearly convey the importance of recognizing the role that unconscious bias plays in social situations and in the workplace. The video was straightforward and easy to watch, although some concepts would be more easily comprehended by those with higher education. The video supports my essay in the sense that it is an adequate introduction to the complexity of implicit bias which will act as a base for building on the issue.
Williams, Joan C., and Sky Mihaylo. “How the Best Bosses Interrupt Bias on Their
Teams.” Harvard Business Review, 11 Feb. 2022, https://hbr.org/2019/11/how-the-best-bosses-interrupt-bias-on-their-teams.
The article discusses different strategies used by hiring committees to battle biases during the process as well as various tactics to internally limit and eliminate biases within the workplace. The authors, Joan C. Williams and Sky Mihaylo are both associated with the Center for WorkLife Law. The Center for WorkLife Law is an advocacy and research organization at UC Hastings Law that seeks to advance racial, gender, and class equity, with Joan C. Williams, evidently, being the founding director of the organization. The elevated language was used throughout the composition making it a moderate read which indicated that it was written for more mature readers. The article directly supports that implicit bias occurs within the workplace by listing several strategies that hirers may use to actively avoid it. It aids in highlighting that the issue may begin before a person is even considered an employee.
Sarkis, Stephanie. “Let’s Talk about Racial Microaggressions in the Workplace.” Forbes,
Forbes Magazine, 10 Dec. 2021, https://www.forbes.com/sites/stephaniesarkis/2020/06/15/lets-talk-about-racial-microaggressions-in-the-workplace/?sh=185360b45d28.
The article explores microaggressions in the workplace and how they negatively impact job satisfaction, self-esteem, and mental health issues, specifically for black employees. The author, Stephanie Sarkis, is a Ph.D., licensed, board-certified mental health counselor. Her writing mainly focuses on the impact of gaslighting and other behaviors on workplace communication, function, and employee retention. The article was a relatively easy read in comparison to Williams and Mihaylo’s article, although detailed, it was much shorter and concise. She lists three different forms of microaggressions that can stem from implicit biases. This article supports my essay because it discusses how a certain marginalized group, the black community, is affected by microaggressions. It allows for specificity in examining implicit biases, instead of exploring generalized situations and hypothetical scenarios like some of the examples in Prentice’s video.
Hewlett, Silvia A, et al. “When Employees Think the Boss Is Unfair, They’re More Likely to
Disengage and Leave.” Harvard Business Review, 20 Sept. 2017, https://hbr.org/2017/08/when-employees-think-the-boss-is-unfair-theyre-more-likely-to-disengage-and-leave.
The article examines how an employee’s perception of bias influences their experience at a company. Silvia Hewlettis an economist and the CEO of Hewlett Consulting Partners, as well as the founder and chair emeritus of the Center for Talent Innovation, and a critically acclaimed author. The composition was definitely written for an audience with more education considering it utilized various statistics and elevated language. It supports my article because it proves that different groups have different experiences because of unconscious biases.
Bisceglio, Paul. “Your Stories of Battling Unconscious Bias.” The Atlantic, Atlantic
Media Company, 22 Mar. 2022, https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2017/06/unconscious-bias/622402/.
The article explores different individuals’ accounts of implicit biases not only in the workplace but during social interactions. Paul Bisceglio is a senior editor at The Atlantic, where he oversees the Health, Science, and Technology sections. The article is easy to read and straightforward, considering it is composed of people’s personal experiences. It may appeal to all readers because of its simplicity. This article supports my essay because it provides real-life instances of unconscious bias in the workplace.
(Write in complete sentences and be thorough.)
(must follow this outline)
THESIS statement (main idea/argument of your essay):
TOPIC SENTENCE (must connect to your thesis):
QUOTE that supports this evidence:
ANALYSIS (answer the so what?):

TOPIC SENTENCE (must connect to your thesis):
QUOTE that supports this evidence:
ANALYSIS (answer the so what?):
TOPIC SENTENCE (must connect to your thesis):
QUOTE that supports this evidence:
ANALYSIS (answer the so what?):

TOPIC SENTENCE (must connect to your thesis):
QUOTE that supports this evidence:
ANALYSIS (answer the so what?):


QUOTE that supports this counter-argument:


QUOTE that supports this rebuttal:

ANALYSIS (answer the so what?):

LIST OF SOURCES you used, including author, title of work, date, website, and any other pertinent info (to make Works Cited easy):





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Writer’s Choice

PBL Task: For this assignment you will be working with a group to write a strategic plan on a current issue/problem that has been identified within your “school.”
You will present your plan to “school” (aka our class) for approval and reflect on the process. Once you have read through the entire issue/problem, you will also be answering the following guiding questions:
1. What do I know?
2. What do I need to know?
3. What should I learn more about?
4. What do I do now?
These questions will act as a guide and give you a place to start.
This assignment can be broken down into the following steps:
1. Read current issue/problem that you are assigned (see list below)
2. Answer guiding questions
3. Research and document findings
Your strategic plan will need to be in a powerpoint/slide form. You will need to make sure you include not only your idea, but your justification on why you feel this idea would work, and how you plan to implement this idea. • Your submission must include any notes you gather (learning log), your guiding questions. Your group will present your strategic plan to the “school” (class) with 10-15 minute presentation.
Your presentation should have a PowerPoint with it to highlight your findings.
The Tennessee State Board of Education has established learning goals for students. The curriculum and instruction coordinator for the school district that employs you as a 7th grade teacher notes that your district has been doing a good job at addressing some of the goals except those that entail promoting higher-level thinking skills for students in social studies. The district administration has decided that asking each grade-level team to design a plan and incorporating the learning goals into classroom instruction will address this problem. The superintendent has asked that parents and interested others in the community be well informed about the changes, because some communities have opposed school reform. Based on literature the superintendent has read, she has decided that much of this opposition results from misinformation and insufficient understanding. You are on a team of 7th grade teachers charged with integrating these learning goals into the district curriculum for 7th grade. Such work entails designing a district teachers’ guide in which you identify components of higher-order thinking skills; show how they can be fostered in 7th grade social studies and science; explain why such skills are important; and provide an example of how higher-order thinking will be promoted within the current social studies and science unit topics. For this example, specify what students will be expected to learn during the unit (aligned with state goals and higher-order thinking skills) and how students will learn it (e.g., through curriculum content and instructional principles); identify how you will know if students used these skills; and provide a plan for keeping parents informed about the goals, process, content, and assessments presented in the unit.
Please use the information for the files I uploaded in the assignment. The “Teacher talk Tuesday” is to help “inform parents”.

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For the grade level you hope to teach, design 3-5 age-appropriate procedures for teachers that you plan to use in your future classroom. For each procedure, describe the procedure steps and present a plan for how you will teach, rehearse, and reinforce the procedure.

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Teacher Burnout

Share an analysis of a research article that is relevant to your problem in professional practice, including the methodology, design, sample, data collection, data analysis, and results. Discern which pieces of information are important to your problem in professional practice.
Your assignment is an 800–1200-word paper that follows APA form and style protocols. Refer to Evidence and APA and the APA 7th edition manual for specifics.
Your paper should include the following sections:
First, offer a brief introduction to the topic of your paper and present a thesis or purpose statement for your assignment at the end of your introduction.
Note: APA formatting states that the first part of a manuscriipt or paper is assumed to be the introduction; therefore, you should not title this section as such in your paper. Please title the sections below:
Describe a Problem in Your Field of Professional Practice
Describe your chosen problem within your field of professional practice in a concise and meaningful manner. When describing the problem, be sure to explain why it is a detriment to professional practice.
Analyzing Two Research Reports
Analysis of Article One
Your analysis should cover the following points:
A brief summary of the article.
A descriiption of how the researchers researched the issue.
How many participants were involved in the research project?
How the researchers gathered their data.
The findings of the research project.
A thorough evaluation of a research project includes recognizing the strengths and limitations of the research project. You may consider including this in your analysis.
Analysis of Article Two
Follow the same guidance as offered in the section above for analyzing the first article.
Examining Transferability of Research Findings to Your Professional Practice
Discuss the extent to which the research findings of the two articles you analyzed offer insight into and solutions for the problem in professional practice you described at the beginning of this assignment. Be sure to address the following issues, and format your paper with a subsection for each:
Assess similarities and differences between the participants described in the research reports and the participants in your place of professional practice.
Assess the differences between the research sites and your place of professional practice.
Assess whether or not the participants and researchers have the knowledge, experience, or expertise necessary to inform your professional practice.
Discuss whether or not the research findings offer insight into developing meaningful and creative solutions to the problem in your professional practice.
Briefly describe the key principles to apply when you are using research results to improve your professional practice.
Be sure to include a reference section on a separate, final page per APA format.
Submission Requirements
Format: Use APA style and formatting, including a title page and reference page.
Font: Times New Roman, 12 point.
Length: 4–6 double-spaced pages, excluding title and reference pages.
References: Two peer-reviewed journal articles.

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Assessment Project

Assessment Project – Students will watch the administration of the Woodcock Johnson Test of Achievement to a school-age student. You will watch the assessment of the student with the Woodcock-Johnson(all portions)and the Key Math, as well as informal assessments. You will also find and watch an assessment of a related language arts area (writing, spelling ,oral language, etc.). You will include all assessment protocols in your final product. Based upon assessments, you will write a report that includes the following:
a) A brief descriiption of the student;
b) A reading/written language inventory, CBA, or clinical interview, if possible;
c) Test results and interpretation;
d) Observation of testing behavior & classroom observations;
e) Recommendations for instruction;
f) Plan for monitoring progress;

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