Bussiness Paper


This assignment aims to investigate the complexity of stakeholder management and incorporate ethnical principles into business decision-make.

A) Please read the two online articles listed below. These articles are also saved as a PDF on the iLearn site under the Assignment #5 Questions file.

Article 1: Pay $2,000 to Dine With Michael Bauer and Be ‘Treated Like a Royal’ http:// sf.eater.com/2016/1/26/10837314/michael-bauer-critic-dinner

Article 2: The Trouble with the Michaels

B) Answer the following two questions. Both questions need to be answer to get the total possible 40 points.

1. If you are a restaurant owner/chef and approached by Michael Murphy to be part of IfOnly. What will you do? Why?

2. According to the Association of Food Journalism’s Food Critics Guidelines (https://www.afjonline.com/ethics) Restaurant criticism is not an objective pursuit, yet readers expect a measure of objectivity from critics.” Is such a thing possible? If you are a restaurant owner/chef, what kind of relationship do you envision to have with influential local food critics?

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