Business Strategy Case Study, SC, Canada

Business Strategy Case Study, SC, Canada

UniversitySeneca College (SC) – Canada
SubjectBusiness Strategy


Generally, business cases do not have a clear right or wrong answer. It’s about learning a thinking process which includes:

  1. Selecting the important information and data from the story
  2. Applying analytical tools (this course theory)
  3. Identifying the key question or problem that needs to be addressed
  4. Making a decision/recommendation
  5. Justifying your decision

The Robin Hood case allows you to apply your previous business knowledge to an imaginary situation. It also gives you an introduction to the case analysis method using a short and interesting case.

Note: If you are not familiar with the Robin Hood story you should watch a few online video clips or read some background information online.

Q 1: Read the Robin Hood case from your textbook or accompanying PDF.

Q 2: Identify the key facts by answering these questions:

a. What is Robin Hood’s business model?

b. What are his most pressing problems in the following areas:

  • Human Resources
  • Revenue generation
  • Operating costs
  • Competition

Q 3: If Robin Hood asked you for advice, would you tell him to change his strategy? Why or why not?

Q 4: What do you think is Robin Hood’s best option for the future?