Business Strategic Priorities




Business Strategic Priorities


 You are to write on Three essay questions (25 points each, a total of 75 points). You will select from these provided questions. How you say it is as important as what you say. Organize your thoughts and plan the answer to the questions, Try to use the templates from ASQ or SmartArt from Word Document to create nice diagrams. Word your answers carefully and completely, supporting each answers with facts and reasoning. Cite references when appropriate. Answers for each question should be at least 150 words, use Microsoft Word, Time New Roman, 12 font, double space


1. Explain the elements and concepts of Kaizen, Kanban and JIT (Just-in-Time). How does they relate to Lean production? Also you will explain and give an example of Lean systems that can be applied into your daily life. 

2. Develop a flowchart and cause-and-effect diagrams for the followings: a. A flowchart of the process you use to study for an exam. How might you improve this process? b. A cause-and-effect diagrams of ‘late for work or school’. Explaining involved steps or/and related factors in details. 

3. A large hospital identified the following strategic priorities: – Patient safety – Few hassles for patients and families – Workforce well-being – Operational efficiency Suggest some measures that link to these strategic priorities. You might wish to do some research on how hospitals measure patient safety and clinical excellence. 

4. Observe a business with which you are familiar and interact with frequently, such as a restaurant or food service, a laundry service, your bank, or the college bookstore.  a. Develop a Pareto chart that encompasses the major service defects of the business, identify the most significant service problems and suggest how quality could be improved. b. To prevent some incorrect actions and/or defects of your selected business, develop at least 2 mistake proofing (Poka Yoke) items from your observation. 

5. With the football season, the program want to develop its budget for the coming year using a forecast for football attendance and promotions. The business manager has accumulated total of annual attendance figures and promotions for the past eight years. Wins Promotions ($) Attendance 4 29500 36300 6 55700 40100 6 71300 41200 8 87000 53000 6 75000 44000 7 72000 45600 5 55300 39000 7 81600 47500 Given the number above, develop the equation to forecast attendance for wining 7 games next year. Students will explain the equation, correlation, and coefficient of determination. a. Using Linear Regression to forecast relationship between wins-attendance b. Using Linear Regression to forecast relationship between promotions-attendance c. Using multiple Regression to forecast relationship between promotions-attendance Note: From your course textbook, Regression analysis is in Chapter VII Analysis Techniques